• Design a more Powerful YOU, Build a more Productive TEAM, Live a more Rewarding LIFE

  • Design a more Powerful YOU, Build a more Productive TEAM, Live a more Rewarding LIFE

  • Design a more Powerful YOU, Build a more Productive TEAM, Live a more Rewarding LIFE

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Professional Coaching for you and your business. Because only you can make or 'brake' your business. Register for your FREE Breakthrough Session!

Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Peace of Mind!

Stop struggling with lack of motivation, poor attitudes, or entitlement issues. Stop struggling with lack of accountability or poor performers. Stop struggling with your people problems and get back to loving your work.

Dr. Heike Jung, expert in executive coaching, will show you how to motivate your team and create the changes you’ve been wanting to see. She’s helped dozens of companies nationwide.

 Join Dr. Jung every Thursday from 1-1:30pm EST as she introduces you to new people, ideas, and services that will help you and your business move forward and upward.

What to Expect from Coaching Bill Gates on Coaching

The highest performing athletes, entertainers, and business leaders have coaches. Why? Because a coach sees things you don’t.

A coach gets you back on track before you realize you’ve strayed off course. And a coach will help you through the challenges that come with achieving any goal.

A coach will hold you accountable and ask you questions you may not have answers to at the moment. When you work with me, I will create a coaching plan customized for you, your business, your team, and your goals.

    • I begin every coaching engagement by listening to your story.
    • I help you articulate your problems and your goals.
    • I ask you questions so you can find the answers.
    • I develop a step-by-step coaching plan with achievable and measurable goals (your Business Blueprint).
    • I work with you and your team one-on-one every step of the way to keep you on track and help you overcome roadblocks.
    • You will feel the tension and anxiety melt away as you and your employees communicate more effectively and efficiently.

My Mission

As a doctor and a professional coach it is my purpose to heal from the inside out; to heal the cause not just the symptoms.

Individually, it is my mission to coach you through your personal challenges. I believe you can achieve your goals faster when you have a great support system, an adviser, a mentor, and a coach “who gets you.” I am here for you!

In a business environment, it is my mission to help you solve your people problems creating a positive and emotionally safe work space for you and your employees. I am dedicated to turning your company into an efficient, organized, and happy business that will thrive even when you are out of the office.

My Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee:

DBL Coaching, LLC will GUARANTEE results and should you feel that you have not benefited from this program, we will totally refund your monitory investment. Of course, this guarantee is provided on the undertaking that you implement the recommended strategies in this program.


The uniqueness of coaching lies in its ability help people remove their self-limiting beliefs, to support their goals, and to aid them in achieving their objective. Coaching is not industry specific although I aim to help those in the veterinary industry overcome their challenges and frustrations. Here is what some of my veterinary clients have said:

At the beginning of the coaching process, I was concerned that there wouldn't be a lot of changes that would positively impact my practice. I quickly learned that I was wrong and am so appreciative to Dr. Jung to have been instrumental in the process. My team has learned so much and I'm anxious to continue this journey with tools we have learned.  Dr. Jung has a talent that allows us to discover the leadership within us. Thank you!
Dr. Jim Rzepka
I am a fairly cautious person by nature and was unsure of the potential benefits of our coaching sessions.  Through the use of the CVI and Dr. Jung’s coaching skills I learned more about how I interpret things and work through problems and also how others may respond to the same situations.  This has proven to be a valuable lesson in forming a more cohesive staff and in becoming a less stressed, happier, and more productive work team.  I would recommend Dr. Jung for any small business.
Randal EshuisDVM
Before the start of our coaching program with Dr. Jung, I used to come to work because I had bills to pay not because I wanted to come to work. There were days when I dreaded coming to work. That all has changed now. Dr. Jung has helped to improve our work environment.  Our staff is now working together better then ever.  I'm very happy to say that I now look forward to going to work everyday. 
 Julie WiseOffice Manager, MACC